Friday, March 7, 2008

The wrap on Media08 – March 7, 08

The line up was interesting, and for the most part inspiring. Having said that, the agenda was built to cover a broad spectrum of attendees, so was of course a mixed bag. Fairfax had in attendance the senior staff from their print teams along with their clients and advertising partners.

What came out loud and clearest was that I MUST GET an iPhone. Let me tell you, even those who are sooooo immersed in the digital space that they are invited to speak on the matter are obsessed. No less than three speakers swore their undying love to the device when on stage! I feel so hardly done by right now. Pffft.

Moving on, there were a few recurring themes across the day.

1/ Importance of innovation
2/ Compelling content
3/ Engagement
4/ Web 3.0 / the semantic web
5/ Rise of mobile
6/ UGC, citizen journalism
7/ Apps/gadgets/widgets…syndication, data not pages

In review, much of what is on your mind should be on your mind.

Rather than try to sum up each speaker, coming out of the conference, here’s a list of to do’s (for me and you).

-Check out these websites; Netlog, Vuze, Twine, Netflix, Damaka
Make sure you understand what the semantic web is and means (read previous post re Web 3.0)
-Visit Nike Chain, in fact take part! I think there could be a team oppo here
-Download Google maps on your phone
-Subscribe to the blog – ReadWriteWeb
-View awesome creative (like Nike Chain)
-Watch Kate Modern on Bebo, Quarterlife on MySpace
-Ask yourself how you can turn consumers into brand evangelists….or think about citizen journalism as the peoples advertising agency…work it!
-Get an iPhone ;)

Live from Media08, so more Monday - Yvette

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