Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My digital Easter

This post I'm afraid is very self indulgent, but hang in there with me, it was a tough weekend.

For the entire 4 day Easter break, I had the most severe case of viral tonsillitis I've ever experienced. Actually before the weekend I didn't even know there was a difference between viral and bacterial tonsillitis. Lesson learned, with viral tonsillitis, antibiotics don't cut the mustard. You simply have to wait it out....and count down the hours until you can next take paracetamol.

Anyway, I got through it and joy oh joy I am much better today, just in the nick of time to be back at work relatively healthy!

So given I was in bed all weekend, I wondered what I would be able to share with you today of interest. But then I thought back to what I did with my time on the weekend. It dawned on me that I managed to kill the time in a variety of ways that didn't even exist say 10 years ago.

So here goes:

- Realised the situtation was getting worse whilst heading South for a weekend away. Looked up Nowra hospital on the mobile and used Google Maps on mobile to direct us there.
- Updated my status on Facebook every day to inform/remind all of my friends just how sick I was (via my mobile and blackberry, mood dependant). Which resulted in maximum sympathy vs minimum effort :)
- Finished watching the Bachelor 7 series on Foxtel IQ. Then searched the web to find out how the couple are doing now (they broke up, actually after two years, seems the series 7 just shown in Australia is over 2 years old). And I thought they were forever :(
- Quickly visited Charlie O'Connels fansite to see if he is still single. Do you think he would like an Australian girlfriend?!
- Watched 'Stranger Than Fiction' on Foxtel 'On Demand'. Fell in love again with the song the lead plays guitar/sings to his love interest. Logged into i-tunes and bought it. FYI, It is the Dogs, I'd go the Whole Wide World. Seriously lovely tune.
- Whilst a passenger in the car (too sick to drive) google searched 'viral tonsillitis treatment' just to make sure the silly Dr was right re no antibiotics....she was. Also discovered this condition can take several weeks to clear....and had a melt down!
- Got off my backside (and even out of my house) to the DVD store to hire 'As it is in Heaven'. I've been meaning to watch this for a long time (you guessed it, word of mouth at its best). I loved it so much that my eyes welled (both with joy and sadness). At the end I wanted to rewind to find the beautiful song in it for Gabriella. Instead, I searched online, found it on youtube and saved it as a favorite for continued viewing pleasure! (You Tube was perfect as the track is not in English and this version carries the subtitles). I also searched the lyrics separately just in case I get around to buying the CD (the track wasn't available on i-tunes, I did try)
- Didn't get to the hospital to see my new baby nephew due to germs. But did get to see him anyway as my brother took a picture just after he was born and emailed it to me....
- Also received a very beautiful photo uploaded (via mobile Facebook) of the window view of Whistler from the Condo where one of my best mates is staying. Pffft!

I'm not sure I've captured it all. To be fair I also read a couple of books, I'm not so young hip and groovy I've entirely relinquished contact with the non digital world!

Looking back, the question begs........just how will I spend my VERY down time in another 10 years? I guess only time will tell.

Female, Gen X

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