Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm feeling ex-stream-ly happy with this site

This morning MCM Entertainment held the PR launch for their new music video site

The concept is pretty simple. Advertiser funded free content on the web. Nothing new there!

Having said that, this site has got enormous legs from where I sit. MCM have tapped into their strong music company relationships and that combined with their market leading technology has resulted in a unique offering. The best quality free streamed music video available on the internet. Oooooh big call. Apparently this is the case though. Let me know if you disagree.

Their music is catalogued in a number of ways. You can for example select 'break up songs' and wail along to your hearts content. 1 x 15 second commercial runs directly after track one, and after every three songs thereafter. A pretty fair exchange from a consumers perspective I'd imagine.

At this point the music is pre-organised. You can select artist, mood, genre etc but you can't build your own play lists. However, they are working on incorporating this functionality so the site is by no means set and forget. And they are planning to develop it quickly. In fact, this little Australian business reckon this one may just get them on the global stage.

For this mornings launch they had 2 flat screen TVs and a quality sound system hooked up to a laptop. Both the audio and visual were outstanding. Of course they were running it off the offices pretty fast broadband system. Then again, Kevin 07s working on broadband speed for us so I guess we'll all be enjoying super fast connections some time soon!

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