Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Twitter Tweet Tweet?

Whilst I've been aware of Twitter for some time, the tweets seem to be getting much louder right now. Yes, I've been to 3 days worth of conferences in 3 weeks, it's true, so it is digital community specific. Having said that, from experience, what begins to gain traction from the digital evangelists (on this scale) tends to soon take off from a broader consumer perspective .

So, I've begun to Twitter myself. I'm all for self application as a means to learn and grow.

My problem is this.....I've got no-one to twitter with! This seems to be at odds with what I'm hearing is happening o/s. One of the Podcast experts I saw present recently said he used Twitter as his primary marketing tool. I logged on to the Ad Age digital site yesterday to find a summary of their latest conference. Apparently, much of the audience 'tweeted' throughout it. They even voted on the best 'tweeter'.

Starcom Australia, the time is here. Please join James and I and get on board! Even if it's just as means of experience at this point...:)

BTW, I go by the very creative Twitter name of.....yvettemayer.

ps if you are wondering what the hell twitter is: Think of the 'is' on facebook and explode it to a social networking community with a sole purpose of ISING all day - keeping their 'friends' up to date on their movements. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...
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James D said...

haha, I understand, I'm not that interesting on Twitter. In light of my not so interesting tweets, I'll provide some interesting twitter related links:
This is the twitter feed for Advertising Age's AdFreak blog
This maps out your Twitter neighbours. You end up with a 3d map and can find interesting people to follow
Jason was previously the co-founder of Weblogs, Inc and the GM of Netscape - he's also quite funny

Also, don't feel bad about following strangers... its not stalking, I swear :p