Monday, March 17, 2008

The Big Brand idea

There has been a shift in marketing. It is no longer about pushing the message to people than it is to create enough engagement to make them seek out for it. The role of communication is to make this happen. But communication is not all, what we need is a BIG BRAND IDEA!

What is the big brand idea?
- It is an idea that is big enough to drive a brand's behaviour across all channel
- It is media agnostic (please, no more schizophrenic brands!)
- It is proprietary and unique

What are the keys to a big brand idea?
- Shut up & Listen! A big brand idea cannot be created in isolation to the consumers
- It has to start at the top, to be embraced by the CEO and applied at each level of the company
- Everyone in the company is a marketer and everyone is accountable for delivering the brand promise
- Do has you say!

Media is becoming more and more complex/fragmented (however the person being the computer is also the one who watches TV!), as media agencies we need to ensure that we deliver a unique and consistent message across all communication platforms.
- Start finding the unique role your brand plays in customers lives
- Don't let new media become the 'shiny' object (in brief, don't do it for the sake of it!)
- Be rigorous and relentless in driving the idea into every single thing you do
- try zagging when everybody else is zigging
- 'inertise' before advertise (i.e efficiently communicate your value within your company before advertise to customers)

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