Friday, March 14, 2008

Consumer, target audience, customer, client, person, human!

Well after two days at Ad:Tech the message was surprisingly clear (and obvious!). The heart of everything we do as marketers must be about adding value to the consumer, if we are to connect them to our brands.

Having re-read the Introduction, there is no mention of a consumer oriented theme. I attended sessions on a multitude of topics; from podcasting, to mobile, integration, brands, innovation, dialogue and more. In every session human behavior floated to the top.

So I've set myself a challenge....and I'll throw it out to you as well. What could help you through your day on your mobile device? Is it GPS? News updates? Jokes? Discounts/vouchers? And further, can one of your clients legitimately offer this service?

Nike has done a brilliant job with NikePlus if you need a little food for thought...a brilliant insight around adding value to runners lives.

I do think sometimes in the daily grind, we are so busy pushing out messages we forget what the consumer truly values. And not just the consumer. Ask yourself, what does your client really want? What gets him/her out of bed each day. What about your boss? I believe, if you can approach your day with this in mind, you just might start having more influence than you thought possible.

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