Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Australian Online Consumption overtakes TV

The day has dawned, according to Nielsen, online consumption is now higher than TV (based on hours per week - 13.7 on the net, 13.3 on TV).

So how will this impact marketers?

Well, from a SMV digital team perspective we haven't experienced much beating down the doors to spend up big online thus far. Yes spends are growing faster than any other media, however, we are a long way from competing with TV for the lion share of the $.

We are aware that the power of TV isn't going to go away. We don't doubt that there is no faster way to build brand awareness than an enormous FTA campaign.....Online is simply too fragmented to be able to build as quickly.

But the tide is changing. It's no longer enough to simply get a TVC out there. Consumers have wised up to the power online provides in terms of brand and product knowledge. What we need to work harder to achieve is providing communications that seamlessly provide a brand experience throughout the customer journey. And that means offline, online and everywhere in between.

So, from where we sit, sure, go spend up big on TV. But NEVER at the expense of online as a channel. The days of digital being considered niche are well and truly over. Do both if you must, but start with digital, don't end with it.

There's been much banter on here of late around the big idea. Believe the hype! A big idea should be able to be brought to life at every consumer touch point. Whether it's on TV, at the storefront, on the phone, on the web - even within a companies culture.

So, what we believe this means for Marketeers is a challenge to old conventions. Challenge yourselves, your superiors and your agencies to think much bigger. Then make sure you are prepared to LIVE IT.

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