Monday, February 18, 2008

Wherefore art thou iPhone?

I just read some stats out of the recent ‘Mobile World Congress’ in Barcelona.

According to Google, those with an iPhone are using mobile search 50 times more often than on other mobile devices. I guess it’s not surprising that a handset with such a large screen and apparent ease of use would result in a much greater uptake of the mobile internet. See:

This got me thinking, or more to the point salivating about the iPhone. When, when, when, when, will the iPhone go on sale in Australia? And are the rumours true that Sol (Telstra’s current CEO) has the market sewn up? The latest information I can find has Optus tipped as the dark horse in the iPhone race, so my fingers are crossed. Actually, I’d rather open platform access (both personally and professionally) but that’s not looking to be the case so far.

Having visited both the UK and USA since Apple launched the iPhone into these markets I can tell you, they are a HUGE hit. I watched on enviously in Hawaii as families, youth, couples and grannies passed around their holiday pics on handsets between phone calls over dinner. Actually, it seemed any excuse to pull out the iPhone was a good one. I nearly bought one there and then (mobile hacker anybody?)

You may ponder at the spate of negative press around functionality, but let me assure you it’s done nothing to dampen enthusiasm for the latest apple toy o/s (nor at my house). Clearly, I’m with them, I want one, and I want it now! And I’ve a funny feeling I won’t be alone in the line up once it finally arrives. So, tell me, will you be there?



Anonymous said...

You also have to consider the fact that iPhone users are probably MUCH more online focused / technologically forward than the rest of the population.

Oh, and I heard that you can't send an MMS via an iPhone! (says Ali from Axis)


Anonymous said...

Good point.

Also, the good news re functionality is ,as we've had to wait so long we may well end up with a new and improved iPhone generation. Maybe patience is a virtue after all ;)