Thursday, February 14, 2008

Market Intelligence vs NetView

I met with the guys from Nielsen this morning re Buzz Metrics. We are looking at trialling this service for one of our clients over the coming months. Although we were hoping for a reduced price in the 'beta' phase, apparently its not so much a test as a use of their US team to back-end(until they get their local team trained). Despite this, hopefully we will get the client on board (ie they will pay) and soon be able to report on the merits of this tool.

We moved on to other subjects and the MI vs NV topic arose. Our Sydney team largely rely on NetView when it comes to site assessment. For a couple of reasons, the primary one being breadth of sites and secondary demographic profiling. Whilst we understand its panel is perfect and this one less so than most, we still find it more useful overall than MI.

Now, according to the Nielsen techies, MI is far superior; they are quoting 95% accuracy. I was encouraged to see new features in 08, such as State splits and Ad Networks in MI, but I still can't see us using it as our main research tool and I said as much.

Well there is some good news, not only are demographics coming to Market Intellgience soon, but there will also be much deeper qualifiers than in NetView. With these inclusions MI will in my opinion but a much more useful tool.

Yay! So I guess, now they just need to get Yahoo7! on board......


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