Tuesday, May 12, 2009

facebook is becoming less friendly but easier to navigate

We have all heard a discussion around friend politics and who to add to your varying social networks but I want to discuss the new friend page in facebook.

In summary:
- now more easily create separate groups for feeds
- Friends (feeds) can be easily grouped (see below)
- Friends can be linked to multiple groups

Below is my current groups with an explanation:

- Family: pretty obvious

- (IRL) In Real Life: friends before facebook & we catch up

- Cafe: secret group of male friends (no further info sorry)

- Current work: We work together at Starcom

- Meredith Music: Feed for music festival people I work with

- Reps: They try and sell me stuff

- Digital Cadet: People I studied digital in Sydney with

- FOXTEL: yep I worked there for 8years

- High School: stalking, babies, etc

- (FOF) Friends of Friends: added out of loyalty to another friend

So their is no need to have a debate about your feeds (friends) that you add just filter them into a group. Will these changes see people extend their friendship networks.

Next step apply those privacy settings.

I hope this has helped you be more productive in fb so that you can minimize your touchpoints with social networks at work.

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