Saturday, April 4, 2009

Getting started on B to B collaboration via yammer

Having been on yammer for 2 weeks I wanted to
share some tips on this b to b enterprise software.

yammer beginners should watch
CEO presentation at TechCrunch 08

2) Tools are your real friends: yammerfox, iphone, blackberry, desktop.

3) Click members (see right) & invite by field of interest or sort by messages or followers. Remember its a filter for information you deem useful.

4) Join country groups or client groups to narrow down messages (yams) of interest

Explore More\files or links to see content already posted

6) View tags or indexes of content by keywords

7) Filter
your inbox. Create a quick rule
which pushes all your daily yam updates into a folder. Lotus users see screen shot.

In the next session I will cover posting tips, time management and yammer as a feed burner.


Yvette said...

Great tips Justin, thanks for sharing!

Keith McCarty said...

I second that. Great tips Justin!

You may be interested to know, a Yammer network has been created with the sole purpose of discussing "Yammer Best Practices". The plan is to collaboratively develop and agree on a list of best practices that are suggested when using Yammer. We'll then make this list available to anyone who's interested.

Seth Romine, an SMV employee, has joined the network and is actively participating. If you would like to join as well, send an email to and include the email address we should use to invite you. It would be great to have you there!

Thank you,

Keith McCarty
The Yammer Team