Wednesday, May 27, 2009

2 Reasons why the PR bogan may appear in Zoo Weekly

It appears the hoax was uncovered over the weekend but not before the self propagating nature of the internet has turned this into a monster viral. I can't help but wonder if she came clean the day after and had not employed a PR agent we would we have seen the same coverage.

Those of you have suggested conspiracy theories are on your own I am just trying to predict the next steps in this publicity machine. And I am sure "The Projects" Adam Adams will not be hurt by a little more publicity on the back of the Fake NSW twitter account uncovered last week.

2 Good Reasons why the PR bogan Clare Warbeloff may appear in Zoo Weekly:

- Former ACP creative solutions Simon Philby & Adam Adams (Clare's PR) run The Projects Link to B&T press release

- Simon Philby's role at ACP (former emap) may have been on Zoo Weekly
Link to google search

Given that Zoo Weekly is an ACP title that falls under PBL its a more likely proposition than Ralph or FHM.

So hold on the ride has only just begun and we look forward to seeing Clare Werbeloff's bikini clad body on another ninemsn property.


Anonymous said...

It's been widespread, but I'm not sure "bogan" applies to Clare. She's attractive, well-spoken, fashionable, intelligent and has a devilish sense of humour, not characteristics you normally associate with bogans. Maybe post-PC girl.

James Drewe said...

Not sure if you watched the ACA interview last night (I still don't know why I was watching it, but there you go), but Clare has said she turned down all offers for magazine shoots.

I'm guessing (hoping) that this whole thing dies by the end of the week so I don't have to put up with people quoting her like it's cool.

Adam said...

Sadly enough... as soon as things start to die down, that's when the magazine offers look more appealing and she'll be jumping on the phone trying to re-ignite the 'frenzy'.