Friday, February 6, 2009

Man in the Jacket

I was contacted by the media last week to comment on the impact social media & viral campaigns are having on advertising models. In particular, they wanted to discuss Nakeds "Man in the Jacket" campaign. As a result I have been closely following this story.

To get your self up to speed on this matter, watch the farce here in its full glory:

Man in the Jacket

The press thereafter has been varied, but pretty consistent (outside of when Nakeds PR agency have written it). For example:


Somebody please save me. Has nobody explained to those phsycho babble supremesists at Naked some advertising basics.

- Our job is to stell stuff to consumers
- Consumers are a cynical bunch who enjoy picking advertising to pieces
- Any attempt to con them will result in resentfulness....not exactly what a brand is looking for at launch
- Simple, honest communication works best (throw in some emotion and you're on your way)

You know, this campaign is so bad, I've actually quite enjoyed following subsequent media rant. Thankfully I'm not their target audience or I'd feel like a traitor.

Seems I'm not alone:


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