Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nielsen online brand impact study

The results of the inaugural Australian 'public' Nielsen brand impact study were released to the market over breakfast today. The aim of the study being to prove that online display campaigns can in fact help to build brands.

To top line it - of course, the point was proven! The evidence is in, online does (or can) contribute to Brand awareness and more.

The study:
  • 4 week online campaign for Sultana Bran, valued c. $200k
  • 5 major Publishers donated inventory foc (Yahoo7, 9MSN, Fairfax, News Digital, Media Smart)
  • Creative included various sizes (from memory banners, MRecs, MRec Videos, Islands) and was placed in a targeted fashion to GBs with kids
The methodology:
  • Cookies were used to identify two groups; a control group who hadn't seen the campaign and an exposed group
  • Survey pop ups were delivered upon exiting publishers sites utilised in the campaign
  • The sample sizes were statistically viable
The results:
  • The exposed group recorded increased levels vs every metric
  • Metrics included - Awareness, Sentiment/favorability, Intention and Recommendation
  • Majority of results were 5-10% increases
  • In most cases Video results were slightly higher
Now, as mentioned in a previous post, this study is based on one brand and one campaign, so we need a lot more evidence to be built before we can shout it from the rooftops. But nevertheless, I have to say....I am encouraged!

The IAB are in the process of loading the full case study onto their site, so go there for the full deck;

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