Tuesday, July 29, 2008

QR Codes

Over the past four weeks or so you may have noticed an influx of Telstra advertisements pushing QR codes. So it seems Telstra have decided that QR codes are a big deal (well they must have to shell out for a 4 page cover wrap of the S magazine in the Sunday paper - tres expensive!).

So, for the uninitiated, you may be asking, what is all the fuss about? Or even what is a QR code?

QR stands for Quick Response. Developed in Japan, QR codes are a black and white graphic that when photographed by mobile automatically link you directly to web based further info. Neat huh!

QR codes are being touted as tags for the physical world. So think billboards, press and magazines. See something you like? Take a pic and next thing you know you are linked to a mobile site with functionality allowing anything from more info to direct purchase.

So could this be the next big thing? It certainly is in Asia. And from where I sit Telstra have deep pockets, so you've got to think that they have a/ researched this and b/ established we Aussies have an appetite for it. So I'm thinking there's a pretty good chance QR codes are here for the long term.


For those wanting to get on board from a consumer perspective, you may have to wait. While new handsets will be geared to process QR codes, your current phone likely isn't. But note to self, next time you upgrade it may well be worth asking the question....

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