Wednesday, July 23, 2008

2 weeks on, a whopping 1 million iPhones sold

I knew it would be big, but not this big this fast. 1 million handsets have now been sold or are on order - that equates to almost 5% of the Australian population having one!

To that end, thought I'd open up a discussion on the broader impacts of this huge consumer reaction.

My 2 cents on what it will all mean.....
- Increased usage of the mobile web - this is a given and something we are aware of....BUT at what cost? What happens when you get your first bill and it's enormous? Are the Telco's doing enough to bring data charges down?
- Mobile phone company switching, can't get it through Optus? Go to Telstra
- Short term impact on consumption of other media - surely at least once you first have one in your hot little hands you will be spending a lot of time getting to know it
- Long term impact on media consumption - will there by any? If so where what would you sacrifice?
- More downloading and podcasting
- More music video viewing
- Increased use of other handsets/smartphones functionality?

Must run now but would appreciate hearing your thoughts.


Rob said...

I live with 1 Gen Y (who had the older Iphone purchased in Honkas last year) and he and his 5 closest friends all got the new Iphones 2 weeks ago, two have already changed mobile plans to cater for the expected increase in costs and 2 are looking at the new Optus $99 no more time limits plan. There has been nil conversation in the house since! All I hear is "and did you know and have you found that it"in conversations from the kitchen to the laundry to the couch to the loo!
So yes I think that more downloading, more music and more consumption is definitely happening in the immediate future!

JP said...

I have used 208mb since launch and have really tried hard to make the most of the unlimited data period. Given a 500mb included data it is going to be difficult to push even if I max out the video content. A lot of forum discussions
have complained about included usage but I think those who will get stung are the same people who are not familiar with their mobile T&C's.

Mark Shaw said...

Over here in the Shaky Isles the Iphone has been greeted with much enthusiasm. Al though Vodafone has tried to gouge everyone with their ridiculously expensive plans These plans are outrageous but with the reduction in the casual rate to $1 a day for 10mb we are finally starting to see the birth of mobile internet.

Our customer’s are asking about mobile specific websites and are finally willing to pay to have them developed. A raft of Iphone and mobile optimised sites have appeared including:
and even an iphone specific mobile banking app
Looking forward to the next 12months to see how everything evolves.