Thursday, May 6, 2010

Starcom iPad experience

After great anticipation we received delivery of the first Starcom Australia iPad this week. Whilst Australian release is some time away yet, we decided that it would be beneficial for our staff and clients to experience this technology in advance of in market availability.

So far the Sydney office and Melbourne office have had the opportunity to test drive it, with the following general feedback:
  • More love it than like it, few were unimpressed
  • Happy with size and weight
  • Increased understanding of where it could/will fit into current device repertoire
  • Frustration over lack of connectivity in office (we don't have wifi)
  • Recognition of need to access at high speeds to get full benefit
  • Disappointed with lack of webcam
  • Strong belief that 3G model is more desirable but unconvinced desirable enough to add to the monthly bill line up
From an advertising perspective, we will be leading the way in terms of understanding how consumers experience it more broadly. For two key reasons:
  • We have a local client participating in a major press titles iPad application at launch
  • Our Global network have launched a research initiative, titled iPanel, which is now in market investigating human experience and consumer behaviors around the technology
The iPanel went live at release of iPad in the US and has already been tracking how the iPad has become a must have 'plaything' for users as they figure out what exactly the iPad is, how they can use it and what it might replace in their technology and media 'diet'. Early findings are really interesting.

For more information on more detailed study findings, feel free to get in touch.

One more thing. I love it myself, and can't wait for my own (3G one) which I will be buying as soon as it's available here!


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