Friday, March 20, 2009

Twitter...a Marketing tool?

Last week at the Sydney AdTech conference I attended the Twitter session (actually as did many of my peers, it was without question the most crowded session I attended). So yes it seems Twitter has finally gained some traction in Australia.

I've been on Twitter since late 2007. Up until early this year, I will admit to being a bit slack on the tweet front. I'd perhaps tweeted about 20 times. As with much of what I do on the internet, I adopt this behavior to learn from just as much as to participate (no really!). But enough about my personal twitter use now.

I have to say, as much as I felt like a laggard, I did get a lot out of the session. My initial thoughts were...not really a Marketing tool. After the session my opinion changed. Why? Firstly, there were some convincing case studies (even Telstra BigPond is on board, who knew). Secondly, post the session I have easily been able to apply the how and the why to many other brands - in my mind rather than in practice I must admit.

Let's take James's problem with advertising locally. Let's meet his brief with a Twitter response.

- James's client (I am making this up), is an independently owned fruit store in Brisbanes New Farm
- This is a small business run by a man with a big personality
- Said man has loyal customer base but they are not visiting frequently enough, choosing to pick up much of their fruit and Veg at the Supermarket
- Using twitter, he decides to set himself up as ContheFruiterer
- Con begins to tweet about all the delicisous, in season produce arriving to his NewFarm store daily
- He uses his big personality to his advantage and is clearly authentic in his tweets
- In the shop he begins to banter with his customers about Twitter and encourages them to join and follow him
- In turn (in time), his customers begin to become aware of what's new/fresh/in season and when and also what he has on sale for limited time periods - even special deals for those following his tweets
- After building up his 'followers' Con realises it's time to take it to the masses
- Next step sees Con using geographical targeting tools to eDM local families and businesses about his great Twitter adventure
- Cons loyal base begins to enjoy 'being in the know' and even coming in more frequently

What's your Twitter strategy?

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