Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Why click when you can RIGHT-click?

So what are right click ads you ask? Pretty self explanatory you may say.....and you would be correct. However, right-click ads are a relatively new concept (and something used only once in the UK as far as I know).

Right-click ads essentially allow the user to right-click on the display creative and select their destination from a pop-up list, as opposed to sifting through pages of content on the client's website in order to find the desired information. A useful tool, and one that could help many a digital planner tackle the issue of click-landing page drop off rates and perhaps even conversion rates. What these ads also allow is the ability to "click to call" and download brochures/product info directly from the banner - giving the opportunity for us, the agency, to include additional response metrics when reporting results back to the client.

As we know, in a perfect world, success should not solely be based quotes/sign ups/applications but should be based on things such as "leads" and initiatives that help improve brand perception and favourability.

Statistics from a trial with GIO are yet to be finalised however there is real potential for these formats to be cosidered longer term.

Stay tuned!

Here is an example should you wish to see them in action - http://www.flashtalking.com/showcase/hsbcRightClick/

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