Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The March Continues

CEASA released Ad figures to June 2008 this week. Once again, online was the big winner (albeit with slower growth than recent periods have seen). See below from AdNews:

Ad revenue spikes

SYDNEY: Advertising revenue in main media spiked by 6.4% to $6.7 billion for the six months to June 2008, according to CEASA figures.

Stand-out growth came from inserted metro and national newspaper magazines which grew by 12.9%, Sunday papers (up 6.9%), subscription TV (20.2%), regional non-dailies (10.8%), regional radio (9.8%), online (28.7%) and outdoor (14.1%).

Printed classified directories were up by 7.9%, followed by regional dailies at 6.7%, radio at 5.7%, magazines 3.4%, cinema 3.4%, newspapers 2.9% and television at 2%.

Suburban newspapers was the only category to dip, sliding 1.3%.

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