Tuesday, June 17, 2008

iPhone update and news re the Blackberry Bold

I know you are all aware by now that the iPhone will be available here in a matter of weeks (I believe c. 11 July). And I have waxed lyrical about my lust for it in posts gone by.

However, now that it is almost here, wouldn't you know it, I've actually gone and lost interest in it.

Why? Well as it turns out, Blackberry are a client. More to the point, I personally worked on the strategic brief for their new device - the Blackberry Bold a couple of weeks ago. Which led to me researching the Smart-Phone market rather than relying on my consumer based opinion of it.

So, having done the research, the question remains.....is the iPhone actually deserving of all the (some generated by me) hype?

The answer is, it is and it isn't. The reason for me that is IS, is not the device itself, but what the impact is likely to be on the adoption of the mobile web in Australia. Which is predicted to be huge. The brands developed cool factor and reputation re ease of functionality will generate a mad scramble down to Apple. And once in hand, consumers will invest time and energy into getting the most out of all of the features.

Which leads me to why it isn't. Many of you are currently in possession of devices that ALREADY can compete to a degree with the iPhone but you simply haven't invested time and energy into getting the most out of all it's features.

Do you know how much memory your mobile has? How about whether you can buy additional memory and how much additional space it can take? How much music have you copied onto your phone? What about photos? Videos? How many megapixels is your camera? Is your phone 3G? If not, how smoothly can you run the web using GPS?

Look, I am biased now that I've developed emotional ties to the Bold. Also, I'm much more likely to be given a Blackberry upgrade at some point (whilst I'd actually have to buy the iPhone!). Plus I'm yet to be convinced of the iPhones 'for business' features.

Any way, what all this has led to for me personally (surprise) is a greater understanding of what I can already do on my existing 'kit'. All of a sudden, I have 150 tracks and 100 photos on my BBCurve. As a result, I no longer carry my iPod in my handbag, it's saved for at home use and longer travel. And I'm aware that once I've (fingers crossed) got the Bold it's only going to get better; better looking, faster web, more memory etc.

I guess that's a wrap. Apart from me admitting the truth. Even if I don't rush out and buy one, I have a feeling that despite all of the above, I'm still going to suffer from iPhone envy.....I'd just look so cool with one, don't you agree?


I brought up this debate with some non Starcom, techy colleagues and they were all about some of the other smart-phones out there, which are excellent for both business and play. For example, check these out for a mean piece of kit:

HTC Touch Pro



James Drewe said...

I'm disappointed Yvette! After all that you've gone and dropped the iPhone in the last month. I understand your point though. The thing is, while yes, I can do many thing on my current Nokia E65 that the iPhone does (and even some things it can't - say video calling) for me (and many others) it is the way you can do it on the iPhone that will make the difference.

For instance for me to fully use the music player on my phone I have to use bluetooth and sync every song one by one because there is no Nokia software for Apple to connect it via USB.

Blackberry make great business/enterprise phones and the Bold does look great, but I have no need for a full keyboard on a phone , and push email, while good if you want to work 24/7 is not something I really need. So it comes down to the argument that all retail choices come to - what are you going to use it for?

Yvette said...

I know, I feel so guilty now! Must say though, versus what you say re Nokia, Blackberry is easy peasy to add music to, and once on play functionality is smooooth. However, it will be interesting to see over the coming months whether or not I do in fact relent and purchase the iPhone...the jury is still out.