Thursday, May 15, 2008

News from Nielsen re online measurement

Nielsen hosted their quarterly agency meeting this week. There are a number of new initiatives in play regarding online measurement in Australia. This is great news for the industry and is as a result of the enormous pressure the MFA have been putting on the IAB; and the IAB in turn putting on Nielsen. Nic Jones our very own MD Digital has been instrumental in pushing this matter to the forefront of industry agenda.

Top line, here is an update on all that was covered:
  • Market Intelligence this week launched "Ad Networks" as a new category
    • This function enables quick analysis of the various major networks individually and by category eg Auto
      • NB of course you need the Publisher to subscribe to MI in order for their results to covered so there goes Yahoo!
      • Interestingly, NNR are encouraging smaller sites to band together to create their own Networks to improve afford-ability/access, hence if you are working with a smaller player not covered feel free to encourage they get back in touch with NNR
  • Online usage measurement
    • NNR have recommended a couple of solutions to the measurement issue to address matters in response to the IAB blue print
      • As per the blue print, the new system must overcome current issues; ie must be people based (not browser based), priority focus on domestic traffic - however visibility over International traffic, better weighting of activity at home and work, easy rollups of domain levels, high quality, statistically strong data - true reflection of population
    • NNRs preferred solution is a hybrid between browser and panel, with a larger panel than currently in market
    • The new platforms working title is 'Phoenix' and all going well will be available early 2009
    • We need to put pressure on the likes of Yahoo7! to ensure all publishers are represented in the new system NOW
    • The IAB have appointed Peter Danahar to audit the new measurement system
      • There is much focus on the quality of the panel, particularly ensuring that the work panel is vastly improved (currently it is made up of 80% small biz)
  • Online spend measurement
    • Nielsen are currently working on a solution to incorporate online into Adex, this is also set to be in place by early 2009
      • Industry panel working on this to ensure improved accuracy re spend estimates
    • Adrelevance will continue to be developed and provide access to impression data and creative (however will exclude spend estimates, which have never been too accurate)
  • Buzz Metrics
    • Will be launched next week in Sydney, stay tuned for more info

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