Monday, April 28, 2008

Apparent blogging slackness

Sorry! After the week out my workload has gotten the better of me. Hence part 2 from Spikes has been a long time coming. And to be honest the content is not as top of mind as it was.

But I will try.

Note to all. The quality of the Media entries was poor. A travesty that we didn't enter some of own quality work! There were no Gold Spikes awarded in the media category, only silver. In the digital category, 7 Silvers and 1 gold so a better showing.

Once again the Creative vs Media debate arose. Bored of it, so bored of it. 2 sessions were dominated by this agenda on day 3. Enough already!

Barry Cupples from Omnicon (I know a competitor) was the presenter of the day. His topic was content, a moving feast. An inspiring session on the content topic. One notion I thought of merit was briefing Hollywood Writers to come up with integrated branded content then funding the whole shebang via merchandising. Big picture but why not!

The final session I wanted to mention was titled 'An Inconvenient Truth'. The topic was sustainability. Whilst the intent was to encourage us to leverage this issue within client marketing efforts, there was another theme coming though. That being, if we don't do enough within our own office to accomplish change how can we champion this with our clients? Watch out Starcom, I may just make this a mission for us all. Anyone passionate enough to help?

Oh and more from from Gayle of Microsoft. Her 7 ways to Rock online;

- Keep it short but very sweet (the 3 min max)
- Pick topics that can work across multiple markets
- Get creative with funding
- Get creative with time sensitive targeting - time of day as well as appropriate length of content
- Know that good values is good business - give back, social relevance and causal marketing trends are huge - but no one is landing digitally so far
- Don't walk away too soon, you may be just around the corner from the tipping point
- Trust in the numbers

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